Metzeler 100/90 – 19 57M MC 360 MID HARD TT zadní


Výrobce: Metzeler
Velikost pneumatiky: 100/90 – 19 57M
Type: TT

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METZELER 100/90 19 57M MC 360 MID HARD TT R DOT17

Metzeler range of products dedicated to Motocross, Supercross, Cross-country, non-F.I.M. Enduro and Freestyle. Metzeler MC 360 MID HARD is the perfect choice for medium and hard terrains and features has a higher land/sea ratio than the mid-soft to ensure an adequate footprint for maximum adhesion. The tread pattern of Metzeler MC 360 MID SOFT is designed to provide great traction on soft and mid-soft terrains.